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Harmonic encounter of active relaxation and horse riding


Poni riding

Póni lovaglásAmong the various services offered by Hédervár Equestrian Club you can find a programme you like, because we have expert trainers and good horses that are suitable both for training as well as for riding in the countryside. At first, our riding hall won the 3-horseshoe classification in 2012. Following continuous development, it won the 4-horseshoe classification in 2014. This means that visitors can do sports in circumstances that fulfil all requirements.

Riding a pony is safe for the rider. Ponies are equipped with little saddles fitted with handholds. In our riding hall the ground is soft, so in case children fall off, they will not hurt themselves – but as we know, children are better at falling without injuring themselves than adults. Of course we should not forget that a rider is not a real rider until he/she has not fallen off a horse yet. Our aim is to teach the children to get back on the horse as fast as possible after a fall. This has a positive effect on the development of their personality. This is a really serious working process, which teaches little ones discipline. The first things to learn and to keep are the rules of the riding hall. Parents can follow their children during training, and can watch their improvement. Furthermore, they can join the walk during the ride in the countryside.

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