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Harmonic encounter of active relaxation and horse riding


Horse Riding Club

Welcome to the website of Hédervár Equestrian Club!

With services provided through our riding hall we would like to provide assistance to enthusiastic beginners as well as experienced riders to learn horse-riding and to practise this sport in suitable and high-quality circumstances. Our guesthouse in Hédervár will be more than happy to send you a price quotation in case you need accommodation.

The riding hall was opened to the public in 2010 in Szigetköz, an area embraced by the Moson-Danube and the old River Danube, half-way between Győr and Mosonmagyaróvár. This place was the financial and political centre of Szigetköz in the middle ages, and was closely related to the noble families of Hédervár. This is the reason why several sights are related to the Héderváry family.

Horse riding has great traditions in our country, because our culture’s development was strongly related to horses and to equestrian life. Our nation’s love for horses is rooted in the nomad lifestyle, long migration and the settlement. Geographical, weather and landscape conditions in Hungary are favourable for horse keeping, because the Carpathian basin protects our country from extreme natural conditions.

When sitting on a horse, a different world opens to our eyes. We can make exciting discoveries – we are able to experience the harmony between nature, horse and the rider. Due to the romantic world of Szigetköz you can ride a horse not only in the riding hall but also in the countryside. Start for a tour on horseback or carriage! Both ways will provide you memorable moments.

We would like to have more and more people to love horse-riding. We would like to start from an early age, since children are the riders of tomorrow. It is really important for them to acquire the knowledge based on strong professional training in order to develop a permanent passion for horses. Our well trained horses are suitable for training both adults and children.

Among the various services offered by Hédervár Equestrian Club you can find a programme you like, because we have expert trainers and good horses that are suitable both for training as well as for riding in the countryside. At first, our riding hall won the 3-horseshoe classification in 2012. Following continuous development, it won the 4-horseshoe classification in 2014. This means that visitors can do sports in circumstances that fulfil all requirements.