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Harmonic encounter of active relaxation and horse riding


Horse Riding Lunge Lesson

Hédervár’s natural beauty provides the perfect environment for you to start getting yourself acquainted with the beauties of equestrian life. If you have never sat on a horse, it is necessary to prepare for this occasion extensively both physically as well as mentally. Learning horse-riding on longe-line is the best way to learn the basics as a beginner. During longeing, students can get familiar with the horse and the trainer. Good contact is essential for efficient learning. Our riding hall’s trainers pay serious attention to this.

Leading on a longe-line means that the trainer is standing in one place in the hall, while the horse on a long longe-line performs circles in the corral. Longeing lasts 30 min. each time, which can be doubled after some training in order to reach better results. The time spent together helps deepen the relationship between horse and rider since horses are also social beings.

Futószáras lovaglásDuring training on longe-line, our trainer works with only one student in order to be more efficient in helping the student to learn suitable and confident sitting and control. The first and most important thing for the beginner to learn is, how to balance and follow the horse’s movement. The next level is, when he or she can control the horse’s movement. It is not enough to learn the name of “helping” commands needed for horse-riding, we also have to keep in mind that horses have their own will and have freedom of choice. We have to win their trust to be able to communicate with them interactively in the interest of a common success.

Horses can express their will by body language and sounds, the rider can communicate his/her intention by using his/her legs and hands, by sitting and also by using sounds. The art of horse-riding is that we learn how to feel the behaviour of the horse and we are also able to control it. We can complete giving directions with artificial equipment like spurs and a stick. A well-trained horse has to move forward when pressure is applied by the rider’s legs, and we can lead it in the right direction with the rein. The aim of elementary horse-training is to acquire such basic knowledge.

Our experts do not let riders ride on their own without longe-line until they make sure the rider is prepared for this. Our horses are trained extensively before getting into contact with beginners in order to be calm and stand straight, stop immediately when asked and patiently tolerate the mistakes made by beginners.

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