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Harmonic encounter of active relaxation and horse riding


Horse Riding in Countryside

TereplovaglásThose riders, whose sitting is confident (balance in unexpected situations) and who can use helps adequately can take part in riding trips in the countryside. It is a real challenge of strength while we run through open-fields and jump over obstacles in front of us. This can only be achieved if there is full harmony between horse and its rider. It demands self-confidence and good condition, because they can face unexpected situations and conditions every time. Trust and submissive work is essential in these situations. The speed is much faster during rides in the countryside than in the training hall. This is why it is harder to balance and keep the horse in rhythm, but the rider has to use more power in order to stay on the horse as well. When planning a trip in the countryside, our leader tries to take advantage of the natural facilities of the Szigetköz area. At this level riders need to have enough experience to use small tricks to help galloping. But the combined usage of legs and hands is also needed in the countryside as well as in the plains.

The most important thing during a ride in the countryside is to be prepared for the unexpected, because we can face unpredictable situations and horses can also encounter impulses, which they have not met before. Due to the many courses spent together, our trainers know our horses’ temper and behaviour in open-field. This is essential for proper assignment of a given horse to its rider. Before riding-out in the countryside, our colleagues always check the proper saddling and reins of the horse, the rider’s outfit and equipment. We always inform group members about the rules and proper behaviour. There is one very important thing we need to keep in mind on narrow ways! The horse will only take care of its own safety; we have to pay attention to our own!