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Harmonic encounter of active relaxation and horse riding


Boarding, Horse Day Care

IstállóWe offer boarding services to horse-owners in our high-quality and modern stables[ . Keeping of the horses is carried out in boxes – bigger than the average size – individually, which is completed with daily littering and – if requested –feeding three-time a day, provision with hay, and corralling. We keep the well-being of the animals in mind. This helps them to be able to resist both physically and mentally all challenges encountered in the environment.

We can complete boarding with extra services like training, walking on longe-line which help to meet the needs of the animal. Furthermore it helps avoid abnormal behaviour or development of a sense of discomfort. In case of horses, there is a linear correlation between abnormal behaviour and the time spent in a stable. This is due to the fact that horses are social beings. We keep these factors in mind when looking after the horses entrusted to us.

We welcome horses of guests enjoying equestrian tourism, as well as horses of competitors. We would be more than happy to take care about their tending even for the period of the temporary stay of their owners.

In order to ensure the safety of the animals and the equipment, our area is protected by remote monitored security system!