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Water Tours

For those who love water sports, a kayak- or canoe tour in Szigetköz surely provides a long lasting experience, because wild-life in this landscape is really wonderful. In Szigetköz, territories along the River Danube are important hatching- and feeding places for water birds, and by the way they are rich in water plants as well. The most popular plants are the bush willows along the bank, the gray alder, and we can find whole bunches of protected summer snowflakes. For the delight of the fishermen, 54 species of fish live in the Danube and its side branches. Tourists can mostly meet with the gray heron, but they can see black storks, teals and tailed eagles as well.

We provide equipment only for our hotel guests. We can provide canoe with sufficient number of paddles for tours, life vest and water-resistant barrel, if requested. Each of our canoes has four places. We can provide for the transportation of canoes and equipment, we can organize passenger transport as well, based on previous agreement.

  • 1 hour: 1.000,- HUF/ canoe
  • Half day (morning or afternoon): 1.500,- HUF/ canoe
  • all day: 2,000 HUF/canoe
  • fleet-discount (more than 2 boats): 10%
  • long-time rent (more than 5 days): 10%
Appointment: +36 30 630 44 71

We would like to provide this map to you in order to help you to choose from available tourist-routes in the area!
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