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Harmonic encounter of active relaxation and horse riding

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Massage services

After tiring weekdays, everyone loves to provide their exhausted body with a little bit of care. This helps to relax and forget about the long list of things that still need to be done. Massage has many functional advantages and it is also known for its immune-strengthening effects.

A fine massage can be really pleasant after long bike tours and an active sports day. Furthermore, it helps reduce muscular strain after horse-riding, if we have a massage right after the training.
Beside our offer of packages you can try all types of massage separately during your recreation spent here. All you have to do is to make an appointment. This can be done via e-mail at or via telephone at 0036/30/630-4471.

Price list

Back massage (30 min, 60 min) 2.500,- HUF, 4.500,- HUF 
Back pain is one of the most common symptoms that people usually complain about. It almost qualifies as a general problem within the population. Our back’s muscles are continuously under pressure; their pain may be the symptom of many rheumatic illnesses.
Back massage is a general refreshing massage which is especially good for reducing stress and treating chronic pain caused by injuries, illnesses or office work. During a massage of the back, our masseur pays special attention to treat shoulder blades, since this is an area where painful muscle lumps can be found. Back massage is really good for those people who live a stressful life and often suffer from back and waist pain.
During back massage sessions, our masseur creates a reaction in the tissues’ nerve endings, which decreases chronic pain and prevents it from reaching the brain. It makes the brain produce endorphin, which helps to ease pain and indisposition without the use of artificial medicines. We recommend it to everyone!

Full body massage (60 min) 4.500,- HUF

Body-shaping massage (60 min) 5.000,- HUF

Foot massage (30 min) 2.500,- HUF

Aroma massage (60 min) 4.500,- HUF

Coconut-massage (30 min) 2.500,- HUF

Chocolate massage (30 min) 2.500,- HUF

Grape-seed oil massage (30 min) 3.000,- HUF

Shea butter massage (30 min) 3.000,- HUF