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Harmonic encounter of active relaxation and horse riding

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Horse Riding Club

LovardaOur riding hall’s main profile is horse-riding courses for children, starting from the basics like sitting on ponies and going further and further until show jumping. Due to the fact that equestrian sports are getting more and more popular, the number of our adult riders is growing – in their case, learning the basics happens by using a longe-line. We have training horses, which have been trained and have a tolerance especially needed when used for teaching children, in addition they are also ideal partners for adults during both group work and riding in the countryside. All of our horses that are involved in the courses got appropriate classification from the Hungarian Equestrian Tourism Association’s qualification exam, where horses are examined by every aspect, paying attention to handling in gait, during grooming, and their physical condition.

We gladly undertake to teach riders both separately and in groups, but if our hotel guests would like to pick up the basis of horse riding in only one week, we undertake intensive courses with more training sessions per day. Our riders can apply for riding in the countryside for 1-2 hour trips. In the course of such walks, they can get familiar with Hédervár’s beautiful environment. The prerequisite of riding trips in the countryside is a level placement, riding on the enclosed path in order to give the mentor the possibility to assess the rider’s skills. In order to protect the safety of the rider as well as of the horse, in case the trainer considers the level of knowledge of the rider to be inappropriate, he can decline the participation of the rider in a riding trip in the countryside.

Despite the fact that horse riding is a great sport and gives marvellous experience, similar to other sports, it can be dangerous as well despite taking all measures to guarantee safety. That is why every new visitor has to sign an individual responsibility statement. During lessons, wearing a helmet is obligatory. The helmet is provided free of charge.

We gladly provide place for horses in our barn with foraging, while their horsemen stay in our guesthouse. Horses from out of the farm can only be taken in with up-to date blood test and vaccination – in order to protect our own horses’ health. If you start for a long journey with your horse, we can place and provide food for the horse. Furthermore, our colleagues gladly take the horses to the corral and walk them on longe-line if requested.
We welcome other horse clubs, in case they would like to have a training camp or just occasional trainings for their riders. Beside accommodation and boarding opportunities they can use both our outdoor- and indoor paths with jumping obstacles set in them. You can find more information about these facilities and prices under Contact.
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