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EuroVelo, called European Bikeway Network by its full name, is the plan of the European Bike Association for creating 12 long-distance bikeways crossing the whole territory of Europe. EuroVelo ways are planned for crossing the whole continent by connecting the existing bikeways. These EuroVelo ways can be used in local bike traffic as well. Two EuroVelo routes cross Hungary. EV6 – from the Atlantic Ocean to the Black Sea, and EV11. That is why EV6 is called „the route of rivers”.

EV6 starts from Nantes along the Loire and crosses France to the East. It continues until Lake Boden in Switzerland, then starts along the River Danube reaching Germany, Austria, Slovakia, Hungary, Serbia and Bulgaria, and finally arrives to Romania. It reaches the Black Sea at Constanta at the embouchure of the River Danube. The most popular part of EV6 is Donauradweg (bikeway along the River Danube) which is located between Passau (Germany) and Vienna (Austria), then continues until Bratislava (Slovakia).

The bikeway along the River Danube was divided into four parts; 1st part: Donaueschingen – Passau (550 km), 2nd part: Passau – Vienna (320 km), 3rd part: Vienna – Budapest (330 km), 4th part: Budapest – Black Sea (1670 km).

You can reach Hédervár by going on the bikeway between Mosonmagyaróvár and Győr built on the 3rd part – crossing Szigetköz. We gladly offer accommodation for bike tourists crossing here, if they would like to have a rest after their exhausting day. Furthermore, we provide bike-rental facilities to our hotel guests.


1 hour: 500,- HUF/ bike
Half day (morning or afternoon): 1.500,- HUF/ bike
Whole day: 2.000,- HUF/ bike

We always ask for deposit in case of bicycle rental.
Bikes "Csepel" brand Euro 40,- per bike
Bikes (others) Euro 20,- per bike

Time agreement: +36 30 630 44 71
We would like to provide these maps and suggestions for routes to you in order to help you to choose from available opportunities in the area!
EuroVelo 6 international way
1st tour (40 km):
Mosonmagyaróvár - Mosonszolnok - Albertkázmérpuszta - Mosonszolnok - Mosonmagyaróvár
2nd tour (28 km):
Mosonmagyaróvár - Bezenye - Hegyeshalom - Levél - Mosonmagyaróvár
3rd tour (46 km):
Mosonmagyaróvár - Dunasziget - Dunakiliti - Rajka - Bezenye - Mosonmagyaróvár
4th tour (34 km):
Móvár - Halászi - Püski - Lipót - Hédervár - Novákpuszta - Darnózseli - Halászi - Máriakálnok - Móvár
5th tour (82 km):
Móvár - Halászi - Hédervár - Ásványráró - Mecsér - Lébény - Mosonszentmiklós - Öttevény - Kunsziget Bolgányi-híd - Móvár
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