Advanced Horse Riding Lesson
Csoportos lovaglásAdvanced level riders can ride a horse in the corral with the trainer, while the trainer works with several other students at the same time. Group horse-riding lessons are efficient and cause much happiness for future riders, who have previously acquired the basics. During advanced courses they can learn the usage of different walk-methods (step, trot, galloping), and how to switch between them.

Horses have three natural walk-methods: step, trot and galloping. Step is the slowest walk-method; the horse moves its legs in four consistent tacts. Steps have five paces: collected steps, working steps, medium steps, extended steps and free steps. Trot is a two beat gait, where diagonal leg pairs move simultaneously followed by a moment of suspension. There are four types of trot: collected-, working-, medium-, and extended trot. Galloping is a three-beat walk-method. It has the same types as trot.

Some horses are able to do five walk-methods, the three named above plus amble and tölt. When a horse is ambling, it trots by lifting its same-side legs, not its cross-side ones. Tölt differs from trot in the fact that there is no suspended phase; weight goes from one of the horse’s leg to the other, so one of its legs always touches the ground. Tölt is an inborn ability, which can be improved to be comfortable for the rider as well.

At this stage we can achieve that our riders sit confidently and safely on the horse and they use helps properly. We teach them and practice the riding formations used in our riding hall; we help them to ride these formations individually. Learning the rules of our riding hall is a very important part of advanced level courses.

Download the rules of our riding hall

Our students are allowed to ride a horse in a class, only if they can already ride the riding hall’s formations both in trot and galloping. We provide the necessary equipment for class-riding, in proper size and we provide well-tempered, well-trained horses. For security reasons, we take the horses into the corral and students can only get on the horses here.
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